Beauty is only skin deep – Body Mod 2019

Thanks to plenty of press coverage over so called ‘Dr Evil’, we thought we’d bring you a round of og the bad, good and ugly all jumbled up.

Article courtesy of The Guardian

A body modification artist who called himself Dr Evil has admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm on three customers by carrying out a tongue-splitting procedure and removing an ear and a nipple.

Brendan McCarthy, 50, changed his pleas to guilty at Wolverhampton crown court on Tuesday after a two-year legal fight in which he unsuccessfully claimed that the consent of his customers provided him with a lawful defence.

McCarthy, from Bushbury in Wolverhampton, carried out the ear removal at his studio in 2015 without using anaesthetic, three years after he split a woman’s tongue with a scalpel and removed another customer’s nipple.

When he first appeared in court in 2017, he denied six counts relating to the three procedures on the basis that the procedures were consensual.

But the judge, Amjad Nawaz, ruled that the registered tattooist could not use his clients’ written permission as a defence. Nawaz based his decision on precedent set by previous prosecutions, including one in which a husband branded his wife’s buttocks with a hot knife.

McCarthy took his case to the court of appeal but it was rejected. In their 12-page ruling, the three appeal court judges, including the lord chief justice of England and Wales, accepted that the ear removal had been done quite well but said it was not in the public interest that a person could wound another for no good reason.

So what is hot (and hurts more than 1000 papercuts and tonne of salt)?

Becoming an Elf apparently, it’s the done thing in Finland anyway.

Tattoo trends….

Polka Trash

Line Tattooes

Inspirational Quotes

Red Ink

Mountain Designs

Side Breast Target Area

These Avant Garde, Realism and Oriental designs only came 2nd in each field.
Body Branding is still thing, painful one at that.
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