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November 28, 2018 Comments (0) Discovery Buzz, Video

Boxing Clever

Okay, I appreciate the intricate, strategy, game planning and mental toughness needed to be any kind of boxer. I know it’s much more than one person biffs (sorry I went all Beano) another for the count. It’s a sport with all of the above and intense training along with fitness and skill. It’s not a walk in the park.
I’m sure there are buff chess players out there. There must be masterminds along with master muscle. These people exist. That said, who the badger thought about combining the two to create CHESS BOXING?
It’ll be this brainchild of the Dutch variety…
Participant Iepe the Joker came up with his Eureka! moment when chess boxing was first spawned.
It consists of six rounds of chess interspersed with five bouts in the ring.
Contestants can win either on the board or between the ropes, with either a check-mate or a knockout being the most convincing of victories.
However, should the referee deem it necessary, he or she can prematurely finish a bout. Should a participant take too long to move a chess piece due to unconsciousness, for example, the match is similarly ended.
If it ends all square when the fat lady sings (not literally) then the person with the highest boxing score wins.

Next week we’ll have invented UFC Bingo!

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