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Roundhay Park

Dogs allowed

Roundhay Park
Roundhay Park

One of the biggest urban green spaces in the country, Roundhay Park is one of the best jewels in Leeds’ crown. Dogs love being walked around the park, and some even fancy a dip into Waterloo Lake on a hot day.

You can round off the day by sitting in the garden area of the Lakeside Cafe with your dog while you enjoy a coffee and a piece of cake.

Oulton Hall

Dogs allowed for a charge of £20 per night

This beautiful spa hotel is out in the suburbs of south-east Leeds, with two restaurants, a full-service spa and a golf course among the features that make the hotel a perfect place to relax. If you pay a charge of £20 per night your dog can join you on a relaxing stay.

Temple Newsam

Dogs allowed (Not in the house, need to be on a lead in the courtyard)

Temple Newsam House – one of the grandest stately homes in the UK (Image: Leeds City Council)

You can’t take your dog into the main house, but they are welcome all over the beautiful grounds. There are open fields and back-passages through the woods, meaning there are plenty of different walks you can go on. Your dog will need to be on the lead if you are going through the courtyard, though.

Stew & Oyster @ Oakwood

Dogs allowed

Roundhay Park is one of the most popular spots to walk your dog in Leeds, and this bar is the perfect place to chill out after your walk with a nice pint and some grub. They love dogs in the Stew & Oyster, even putting out bowls of water for your parched pooch.

Harewood House

Dogs allowed (Not in the house or bird garden)

Dogs are welcome on the grounds of this beautiful stately home, though unfortunately pooches aren’t allowed into the house itself or the bird garden – it probably wouldn’t be too relaxing for the birds!

There is plenty to do here though, and loads of space to go for a big walk and let your dog off the lead for a run around.

Middleton Railway

Dogs are welcome

Middleton Railway

Middleton Railway started in 1758, and it is the oldest working railway in the ENTIRE world. They have an inclusive ‘all dogs are welcome policy’, and the whole place is great fun for the kids! You can buy either single or return tickets for only a few pounds.

Eccup Reservoir

Dogs allowed

Eccup Reservoir

A beautiful spot to take your dog for a walk, your pooch will love the quiet vibe here. You’re in with a good chance of seeing plenty of other dogs while you’re there too!

Belgrave Music Hall

Dogs allowed

Belgrave Music Hall (Image: Facebook (Belgrave Music Hall))

Belgrave is one of the coolest places to go for a drink in Leeds, and they love inviting your four-legged friends in to enjoy the atmosphere too. They even have a cool rooftop beer garden upstairs which is perfect during the summer.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Dogs allowed

Although not strictly in Leeds, the YSP is one of the best attractions in the region, and it is a great place to take your dog for a walk and to see some amazing art. You do need to keep your dog on a lead whilst going around the park.

Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Dogs allowed

Dogs are welcome both inside (on the ground floor) and outside at this Kirkstall Brewery pub, which is beautifully set just by the River Aire. Drinking water is provided too so your dog can stay hydrated while you sink your pint, and if you’re lucky, they’ll snap a picture of your pooch for the pub’s Instagram! Fame.

Golden Acre Park

Dogs allowed

Golden Acre Park (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Golden Acre lies just a short drive to the north of the city and is the perfect place to get lost in the kaleidoscope of pathways that run through the woods to the north of the parkland.

This is one of the most beautiful spots in the city to take a stroll with your pup.

Lamb & Flag

Dogs allowed

Leeds Brewery pub the Lamb & Flag bagged themselves a snazzy new courtyard recently, and dogs are welcome both there and inside the pub.

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