Legends Who Lived On The Edge – James Dean 1931-1955

If you were asked to name a Hollywood icon from the past then you’d be as shocked as tranquil waters if the name James Dean was mentioned more than once.

The outrageously cool, sexy and brooding actor was not only a poster boy for hoards of ladies across the world, men too if rumours are to be believed, but he also stood up for a lost youth generation, confused and idealistic.

It’s easy to forget that the jeans clad, white t-shirt uniformed and cigarette smouldering Dean only made 4 films due to him reaching the tragically young age of 24 at the time of his death.

It was an end to the life of a world wide superstar but his rise to fame had not been as simple and easy as the film studio agents would have you believe.

His relationship with his mother was cut painfully short hen she died just five years after giving birth to James, leading him back to the door step of his grand-parents.

After he broke through the Hollywood hype to deliver the promise that his potential suggested, he spurned the attention of his dashing looks out of work and was often seen unkempt and unpolished in protest.

James was a natural actor though and he was also a natural addict when it came to speed. After ditching motorbikes in favour of fast cars, his true love turned out to be his killer, the Porsche 550 Spyder.

On the day of his death, he’d already been pulled by police and ticketed for speeding but alas this did not stop his desire for the rush. Less than 3 hours later, James Dean was pronounced dead on arrival after failed attempts to revive him after his wreck-less speeding led him to miss and intersection and crashing his pride and joy at such speeds that himself and his passenger had little chance.Such was the forcer of the impact, the bodies of the two men were thrown violently out of the car leading to conspiracy theories on who was actually driving at the time of the crash.

However, experts have said that such force could easily explain why the bodies were laid to rest where they did. As October began in 1955, the life of a legend ended. His love affair with racing and speed the culprit of robbing the world of a true great.

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