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Living Saviours: All Hands

It’s important we remember our core values and beliefs as we try to conquer the world. The core value ranked towards the top is compassion.

It’s a trait that doesn’t get the billing it deserves in these turbulent times but it is the turbulent times which bring out the very best cases of it.

Compassion people, to fellow man. Luckily we have crusaders for the cure amongst us. People and teams who want to make a difference. People who are essentially Angels amongst men. This edition we focus on an organisation and individuals who go above and beyond. A team dedicated to helping those who need it most and sharing the chance to make a difference. A team known as….

All Hands

All Hands Volunteers is a volunteer-powered disaster relief organisation dedicated to Rebuilding Hope for people impacted by natural disasters all over the world. Over the last 12 years, we have enabled over 39,000 volunteers to donate 200,000 days impacting 500,000 people worldwide.



All Hands in their own words…

We Focus on the Greatest Need

While there are almost always multiple communities heavily impacted by a natural disaster, the bulk of the relief efforts are usually focused in limited areas–often driven by media coverage. All Hands Volunteers, however, is deeply committed to seeking out the most under-served communities which are usually outside of the public eye. As a result, we are often the only organization serving in those communities where damage is as great as–or greater than–more publicized locations.

We Solve for the Long Term

All Hands Volunteers doesn’t just respond to the initial damage sustained from a natural disaster, we stay to help communities recover and rebuild.

We Rebuild Together with Local Homeowners and Community Members

A key objective for All Hands Volunteers is to work together with members of the community in order to rebuild confidence and hope in addition to much needed skills and job opportunities.

We Provide a Free and Open Door for Every Volunteer

All Hands takes a unique approach and accepts spontaneous volunteers from any background or faith, providing on-the-job training free of charge. This broadens our capability to help those in distress, offers a transformative experience to those who serve with us, and brings a wider pool of skills to the relief effort.

We Are All About Creative Problem Solving

Every disaster brings unique challenges and affects people’s lives and their communities differently. We discover the needs of those we serve on the ground and create and adapt our solutions to fit those needs, not the other way around. 


This edition we award All Hands the badge of honour for making a difference to people and communities that need help, badly. Their policy of funding volunteers is also a master stroke and means people turned away by the sheer cost of helping can now turn back.

Charity does start at home but it should not stop there. That is something Allhands prove. The world is a big place and suffering is vast, help reach out with Allhands.


They need your help to continue to help those in distress and natural disaster. Please open your heart and donate via the link below….

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