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July 11, 2019 Comments (0) 24-Karat Yorkshire, Bohemian Buzz, Feature Focus

One Rural Retreat for England to Beat-GREAT AYTON

As we saunter slowly into the UK’s haphazard summer season, come rain, wind or shine Yorkshire still has the armoury to be a major holiday power house.

Obviously, the UK always looks better with a blanket of sunshine covering its luscious expansive countryside, glistening rivers and secluded seaside villages but these fantastic features are still apparent to all even when the endless cloud takes the shine away.

One place which is the epitome of that is Great Ayton in North Yorkshire.


This little village of quaint cottages, soothing stream shimmering in the
heart of it’s small epicentre and ludicrous landscapes of forests, hills and
golden fields is small but perfectly formed.

Not only is this a countryside mind, body and soul cleanse but friendly folk
on every corner and an ice-cream parlour who’s reputation spreads far and wide,
Suggitt’s for those of you with a brain freeze addiction of the fine stuff, but
it is merely a matter of minutes, 20 of them give or take, to the nearest
coastal resort with Whitby less than 40 miles away to boot.

If you like picture perfect postcards, polished pub grub, real ales and real
gin, real and really good gin, then this is the place to make these boots for
walking walk the 100 plus miles of options.

If you’re after 4am finishes, turbo shandies and people called Baz, Daz and
Caz befriended you over a full English breakfast in a chain style pub, keep

You can of course make your own entertainment as the night draws in but we were never once tempted to get involved in the heated game of dominos (true story) taking place in the new ‘hip’ joint in town or sharing a table with couples who all looked vaguely the same.

A riverside cheeky bottle of fizz, playing with the pup on the village green
and raucous laughter was free and abundant though.

Great get away to recharge the soul but essential elements are…

*Go with a partner or friend/s that you REALLY do get on with or you won’t be leaving with them.

*Do expect village life locals who are super friendly but probably know your favourite ever author and inside leg measurement within 24 hours. *Do bring evening entertainment if the art of conversation or romance isn’t your strongest traits.

I of course jest somewhat in the above and Great Ayton deserves the Tony
Tiger Great of it’s title and for that line I deserve the fromage title of the

Scenery: 9/10

Walks: 8/10

Accommodation: 7/10

Cost: 6/10

Rural Escape Function: 9/10

Rave and Fish Bowl Nightlife: 1/10

Overall: 8/10

The company you take is essential and the accommodation isn’t cheap but the wine is and tapestry of rolling hills and vibrant flower filled fields is a joy to behold before heading to the glorious coastal resorts that leave the kiss me quick hats for Blackpool.


A river runs through it

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