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What else can Onestopbuzzshop do for you?

If you’re a company then we can form a beautiful relationship. Advertising with us has many advantages.press_d1000

Our team brings years of media and social networking skills to the party covering print, online, radio and tv.

If you require reviews, coverage, promotion or any journalistic and marketing help for an independent source then get in touch with the team. We can help make you sound as awesome as you are, we can boost your social media work accounts, we can even build your websites. The team has experience in front of the TV camera, behind the radio mic, in regional newspapers, glossy magazines and online.

If you’re a converted buzz believer (or simply put a reader) then we have Buzz branded t-shirts and gifts. If you’re a team wanting to run your race in style, we can do your team slogans and kit you out for the big day.

Advertise with us

Why Advertise with Onestopbuzzshop? 

We are a brand with a positive message, purpose, direction and contacts. Our magazine style features, interviews, previews and opinion pieces combined with an inclusive events database and community forums give us many prongs to our attack. We believe in our mantra..The One Stop for people who breathe the buzz, one community of like minded free spirits. We’re the bible for life junkies

Our product is fresh, insightful and energetic. Does that sound like your company?worldlogo

Advertising with us is a highly cost efficient option which won’t dent your budget like a regional newspaper, radio or TV spot would.

That confident of our traffic, we’ll be able to give you cold, hard figures after certain time frames as to how many people clicked through.

Our brand demands us to make sure your company fits our customer needs, so it’s a two way deal here!partner

There are different options if you wish to advertise. First things first, we’ll give you a month totally FREE with NO obligation, no credit card details taken, nothing. If at the end of the month you decide that is that then we can both go on our merry ways with a smile on our faces. Simple as that.

There after the cost depends on your ad size and positioning.

An other option is to advertise with us for free but we’ll take a percentage of any sales made via our site. No sales, no cash.

We are also open to other ventures and proposals. Just ask!

Reach the world, reach your target audience, be part of the brand with a buzz. All for a fraction of other advertising avenues.

For more details contact:

The One Stop Buzz SHOP

Do you want the world to know how awesome you are? tees

Do you want the world to know that you love life, live life?

Do you want to proudly share the OneStopBuzzShop word?

We offer a range of t-shirts celebrating the lighter side of our greatness.

We also do an array of slogans for all different buzz believers.

PLUS...If you and your friends, colleagues or team mates are embarking on an epic challenge, a mud run, an endurance challenge or event then we can sort your team t-shirts for you. You tell us the text and we do the rest.

Rock that race with your names aloft.

For details, prices or anything else email: onestopbuzzshop@hotmail.comslo

Hire the B-Team

No we aren’t second best, we are THE Buzz team and we may be able to help you with your freelance writing projects, promoting an event, helping a small company grow or leading the revolution.

We have radio, TV, print and online experience covered between us and add to that a wealth of social network skills and management.

Email: for any projects, queries or questions


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