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August 16, 2018 Comments (0) Feature Focus, Wondrous World

Superlative Sporting Spectacles

We all marvel at the majesty of the world’s biggest sporting arenas but the real show stoppers may not have crossed your path just yet? Not so Super Bowl? Camp Nou who? Bored of Lords? Sit down well established none human entities and make way for five of the world’s most supreme and surreal sporting venues…..

Frost can wreck the sporting fixture list here in the UK (not us harder northerners) but next time just think about the annual World Ice Golf Championship in Uummannaq in Greenland. It began in 1997 and is contested on shelf ice with the course reformed every year.

Ice cold balls anyone? Uummannaq, Greenland

Water logged pitch cancelled play? Not in Bourghton-on-the-Water where the village hosts a football match on the August Bank Holiday Monday, every year.


English village teams Caldbeck and Threlkeld completed the first ever underground cricket match in 2013. A mesh mat was used for the pitch and the crowd wasn’t quite a sell-out.

They really did dig in deep didn’t they?

From within the depths of a mountain to the dizzying heights of the Burj Al Arab helipad in Dubai. If heights make you heave then this isn’t the place for a knock about but it’s attracted the likes of Agassi and the Fed.

Syracuse Orange and San Diego State might look like any other college basketball game but just check the photo out a bit more and put your sea legs down. Yep, the game is actually being played on the USS Midway aircraft carrier, which is now a maritime museum in California.

USS Midway



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