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The Sky is the Limit and the Icarus Series, for solo Paramotor adventurers’, is just about the limit in terms of hardcore high fliers.

The legend of Icarus (everyday is a school day kids)

The myth of Daedalus and Icarus tells the story of a father and a son who used wings to escape from the island of Crete. Icarushas become better-known as the flyer who fell from the sky when the wax that joined his wings was melted by the heat of the sun.

So that’s the legend but what exctly is the deal with wht is know as

The Toughest Paramotor Race in the World and for good reason.

scout paramotor

The Low dow from past pilots as we are in the midst oif 2019 edition finding it’s feather in the cap paramotor winner.

A bunch of pilots decide to strap the sleeping bag onto the paramotor and leave for the unknown. This race is one of its kind. No such thing has been done before. Ever.

  • Flying paramotors over 1900 kilometres. It’s like from Copenhagen to Barcelona.
  • Across 5 states from glaciers at the border with Canada to the desert at Las Vegas
  • Fly all day, regardless of weather and turbulence
  • Flying unsupported = carry all your gear
  • You are on your own – only start and finish point are given. Plan your route, analyze the weather, make good decisions and accept the consequences of the bad ones…

South Africa is all but done but the Adventurers who are behind these events and many more have a special weekend version for UK dudes wanting to try this with lessons before hand and cash to charity.

The next ‘biggie’ is October in…Brazil….


The toughest air race on the planet is coming to Brazil for 2019. Racing over 1000 miles of Brazilian rainforest, it’s the ultimate test of flying skill and a chance to be crowned Icarus Trophy champion.

Brazil is our most remote course to date. The conditions are challenging and the terrain dangerous. Pilots will traverse terrain barely touched by mankind, encountering wildlife that could sting your face off or eat your heart out – it’s brilliant. 

The Adventurists

They went on to explain wht they’ve opened up htese special UK weekend events..

We needed a way to get more people into paramotoring. Our solution? The Icarus X Series.
The Icarus X Series is a collection of weekend-long paramotor races and events held across the globe. With ‘Race’ and ‘Adventure’ divisions, you can take part in a race to the finish, or simply explore the course at your leisure.
They have been designed as the perfect place for beginners to excel and push their paramotoring to new levels. They are also a great way to prepare yourself for the coveted, week-long epic that is The Icarus Trophy.
There’s something for experienced pilots too. By competing in The Icarus X you stand a chance of winning a spot on The Icarus Trophy which this year will be held in Brazil. This is a prize worth £1875.

the Adventurists

At a pretty decent range of prices I think I may have just accidentally bought a ticket to Brazil, well the drinks are stunning there and I likje nuts, so to speak.

We’ll be tlking to some of the pilots of the current race next edition thanks to the well hot media machine guys ehind this.

Reach for the skies and never ever mentioin S Club 7 okay?

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