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November 8, 2016 Comments (0) Blow Out Buzz, Personal Buzz

Three of the best: Gin and Grins

Party People…Cocktail Masterclasses

Nothing new about cocktail masterclasses but if it’s isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

This issue we focus on Leeds and three of the top end classes out there.



All Bar One

An established wine bar where the quality of their drinks does the talking. It has often been the go to destination for professionals (not of the hooker variety) and those wanting quality wines and an environment to chat without euro trash drowning out the conversation. Cocktails you say?  This is what they say…

You might already be an expert in drinking cocktails… but wouldn’t it be great if you could craft some fine concoctions of your own? Now you can learn how to make cocktails when you book an All Bar One masterclass.

Discover the secrets of refreshing mojitos, perky espresso martinis, or sharp cosmos. You can even tailor your own cocktail class, choosing which drinks you want to learn from our selection.



Hipster and student hang out where the ambience is every bit as important as the drink selection. A regular fav fly by for some time now and still refreshingly different to many other venues in the city.

A great venue to learn the art of making drinks that not only get you rt finkled but taste bloody good too. They say…

Our mixologists will disagree. Besides, this kind of learning is so rock & roll.

You & your cocktail masterclass buddies will become top-dog mixologists in two fun-filled hours. You’ll shake cocktails, stir martinis & – most importantly – taste the fruits of your labour. Our all-star bartenders will share trade secrets & there’s even a cocktail-making competition with prizes.



The Botanist

This stylish bar soon got the city talking and within weeks of opening every hipster, try hard, wannabe and day off student were clubbing each other to try get in. Of course it also appeals to none of the above and has some delectable cocktails right out of Heston’s wonderful world. If you like your cocktails and liquid smoke, bubbling concoctions and something different then this is for you. The say…

Our botanists have developed unusual concoctions that illustrate and highlight the delicate, subtle and sometimes very strong flavours that our best greenhouse herbs are able to give. Indulge in interesting combinations of fresh fruit and citrus juice that we press ourselves alongside much more that mother nature has to offer. Explore how our expert mixologists create delightful cocktail creations, as they talk you through how to make your own cocktails at home! Enjoy making (and drinking!) cocktails in your own private area.



Do you have a recommendation for similar events in the rest of Yorkshire? If so get in touch….

Email: onestopbuzzshop@hotmail.com

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