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December 16, 2016 Comments (0) Bohemian Buzz, Fit Bit Buzz, Personal Buzz

When Motivational Gym Quotes Go Bad

Many of us will have been exposed to the good, old motivational quote. Chances are your boss rocks one out at least once a week and the gym is no exception.

I’ve probably used similar cheese encrusted quotes myself but it really isn’t big or clever. Inspirational? Encouraging? No. It’s like crossing the road…Stop, look and listen before engaging your mouth if you find yourself about to share some ‘life’ mantra.


Here are just a few of the words of wisdom I’ve come across and what they actually mean…


Can’t chat, my gym needs me

A few chortles unless it is said by some muscle popping protein eyeballing cretin who thinks the mirror is the better partner he’s ever had.

Sweat is fat crying

If someone said this to me, no matter how stunning, I’d have to seriously go Jackie Chan on their ass.
Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels

Not true. Cheese tastes better, chocolate does, ice-cream, Champagne etc etc.
Train like a beast, look like a beauty

Often done the other way round. Many a beast out there kids.
Train insane or remain the same

Or don’t and keep your friends unlike the person who said this.
Get fit, don’t quit
I know what you are trying to do here, inspire me. The only thing I’m inspired to do is hurt you in my head.


Quitting is not an option

Actually it is, it actually is. If someone wants to stop, they do. Quitting is very much an option.


If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Sorry we can’t all be winners like you can we.


Winners Train, Losers Complain

Actually I do both. If being a winner means the personality of a badger then you’re okay thanks.


Never say the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon

Have they been to the moon? Have you? Someone told me the moon was made of cheese, can you prove to me that it is or it isn’t?


No harm to gym instructors, PTs or life coaches was inflicted in the making of this article.

Next month we’ll take a look at some fitness attire must not dos.

Melissa Wharton  [wp_ad_camp_1]

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