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Summer, summer time. Come on Yorkshire, what you got...

July 24, 2019 Comments (0) 24-Karat Yorkshire, Archive

Back to the future – The dance music scene glory days back in Leeds

I am a proud Yorkshire born n bred, never grown up, screw having kids or adult shit, 41 year old and some of the finest days of my Peter Pan life were around 1994-1999 and Back to Basics at the Pleasure Rooms with Up Yer Ronson on at the same venue Friday nights, it has to have been one of the best weekend hangouts for 48 hours anywhere in the world.

Of course Nation at Cream was awesome, Love 2 Be and Crasher at the Leadmill before it became too trance tastic.

Bowlers for the nutter hardcore loving MC loving maniacs.

The Hacienda before it got too tooled up. Godskitchen, Miss Moneypenny’s, Sankey’s Soap, Tall Trees, Retro, even Hard Times in the mighty Hudersfield.

Yes, I’m ignoring London as we didn’t need that super club vibe ahead of it’stime.Of course i did spread up north and ended the scene as it was but London was bloody awesome too.

I had the pleasure of The Gallery under Tall Paul, Trade for the harder house lover and muscle clad gay man. That said myself and my friend went to a Trade night as the only two women in there and I have never felt so welcome. Great music, great crowd, great night.

Then Clockwork Orange, amazing NYE party at a film studio before the Camden after party which ws all too cliche and death fearing for my paranoid 24 hour bouncing body.

We’re back ooopp North in the ‘sunshine’ of Millennium Square for this beauty that i’ll be at this weekend with after parties and more.

Amazing, check it….

  • As Summer officially ends tomorrow want your favourite gig, festival or event fro June to September. Does this top it for you?
  • Is Bingley Weekender giving you a final hurrah? It’s on today and tomorrow folks (Aug 31st-Sept 1st at NEW venue, the rugby club not Myrtle Park.
  • Leeds Festival, was tha Foo(king) Fighters fantastic?
  • Less mint care but more fresh vibes at Kendal Calling?
  • Have you say, literally. Record a 3o second max summary of your best best festival frolics this summer and email the audio to
  • Bit perplexed on how to record yourself and send it? Worry ye not. You can call me (I won’t bite unless you want me to and my super dooper new ap records both sides of the conversation for me to edit into a perfectly average at best audio feast 😉
  • Or if you’re that voice paranoid get involved on on facebook page, simply search onestopbuzzshop
  • or tweet is @onestopbuzzshop

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