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Need To Know…Katherine Knight

May 3, 2018 Comments (0) Best Buzz..., Discovery Buzz, Extreme Buzz, Feature Focus, Features

Bad Ass Bad Boy Bucket List…

Think you’ve done it all do you?

Well each edition we’ll introduce a must do activitity before you depart this world.

We’ve not got a hit out on you so chill, for now.

The Cage of Death

You can stare into the faces of some of Australia’s biggest saltwater crocodiles for 15 minutes, separated by nothing more than a couple inches of glass. The cage houses two people at a time, so there’ll be someone there to hold your hand. After all, the tastiest snacks come in see-through wrappers!







The watered down version…

Can’t afford Oz? Try going to The Deep or Sealife and plant your head on the window whilst sending mind crazed subliminal thoughts to the sharks.

Okay, this isn’t really a thing. Just go look at them and play nice.

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