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October 31, 2018 Comments (0) Feature Focus, Lifestyle Liberators

Charideeeee Mate

Charity Mate It begins at home but should charity stop there? Not if you have room and we certainly have room to celebrate all the good in people eradicating the bad in the world. A trio of charities to begin with and three close to my heart….


Aireworth Dogs in Need

An impressively structured, thorough and caring group have been drawn together to help rehome dogs in need. This charity goes the extra mile to help those doggies in the dumps have the life they deserve.

It’s not all puppies dumped in skips or rescued from neglect, some of the human stories attached to the animals is heart rendering in itself.

In their words…

‘We are a dedicated team from Keighley who came together through various channels.  We are united in our efforts to find homes for stray and abandoned dogs in Keighley and the surrounding areas.  We are a foster based rescue and rely on the kindness of volunteers.

Our main concern is to match the dog with the new home in the hope that it will be a lasting relationship and so we may appear fussy when you’re applying to adopt. We also recommend you make the effort to meet the dog on a couple of occasions to ensure it’s the correct dog for your family.’

Take the lovely Cade for example, who is available for adoption…

Nine year old Cade is a happy and playful American Bulldog. His owner is reluctantly wanting to rehome him and his pal Skye due to long working days.

There are dogs that need homes daily in the UK so please use a rehoming charity such as this group. Some of the lucky doggies in new digs….



Get in touch now to donate, help, foster or adopt. Man’s best friend needs his friends.


Kick Cancer Crusade…Just Giving

A personal mission to raise funds to stamp out Cancer once and for all. You need little words to explain the devastation it causes and everyone knows of someone who has had it in their life.

Well Anna has had cards dealt that are near the bottom of the pack. An incredible story of heartache yet she has always hit it head on and is truly an inspiration to us all. I have the honour of knowing this wonder woman from school but rather than dwell on her fortune, she merely used it as a platform to raise funds….

‘All the ladies taking part in this event are nearly or have turned 40 this year and we all attended hipperholme grammar school…to celebrate this milestone we thought we would revisit our roots and produce a 2019 calendar showing us back at the school we all grew up at..we want to raise as much money in the process for Macmillan support as I think it’s safe to say we all know of someone who has been affected by cancer.

Therefore we ask that in return for us all biting the bullet and showing what 25 years does to you! You kindly support us, whether it be a direct donation to Macmillan through this site, or the offer of your services: hair, makeup, costume hire, photography, printing etc.. any supporters will be advertised on the calendar too!’

Shell suits may be involved, dig deep…


Pink Paws Cat Rescue

A woman with a big heart and crusade to help the kitty cats of West Yorkshire. The amount of time and money from her own resources she has used for cats over the years is immense.

Can you rehome a cat or help support them with a donation?

There words…

‘Pink paws cat rescue help cat and kitten in need around Keighley and Bingley and surrounding areas.

Our auction page is to help raise funds to go towards our vet bill, to enable us help more cats and kittens in need.’

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