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October 23, 2018 Comments (0) Feature Focus, Lifestyle Liberators

Charity Champions – All Hands and Hearts

Last year I came across this incredible charity which back then was known just as All Hands. The name may have changed slightly nd it shows that their heart for the cause has just got even bigger.

We focussed on their Nepal Earyhquake after care last year, which remains a firm feature, a program I intended to go out to help on until a silly little head on collision and illness pit aid to that.

I have had to change the way I live my life hugely since then but I’m still a very determined and never say never person so when I got back in touch with th team, they offered me a place on another one of their projects. A project that wasn’t over 30 hours away from medical help or a 20 hour non stop bus journey from the airport. They offered me a place on their major mission in Texas.

It surprised me to hear that this was their most needy project from all the places around the globe they cover. I didn’t expect it in the USA but Hurricaine Harvey came, destroyed and almost conquered. Harsh nature will always have to up it’s game though with this charity involved, the people who volunteer and the power of human spirit….

Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, bringing unprecedented destruction to Texas. Harvey was named the most powerful hurricane to hit the US since 2005, superseding Hurricane Sandy. Harvey led to 41 counties in Southeast Texas being designated as federal disaster areas; one-third of Houston
was completely flooded. An estimated 136,000 homes were damaged in Harris County (Houston) alone. Additionally, the Coastal Bend region was hit especially hard, with an estimated 39,927 damaged structures totalling $4.5 billion. Damage in this region was even more varied than in Houston – not only were homes affected by storm surge and rising waters, but the high-speed winds damaged many trees and roofs. This caused top-down water damage, debris and tree hazards, and led to long-term struggles to keep homes dry.

The recovery is going to be long and hard; that’s why All Hands and Hearts has committed to being on the ground for at least three years, helping families recover from this disaster.

As a result of Hurricane Harvey, we opened two programs in Texas: one in Houston, and one in Coastal Bend. In January, both programs transitioned into the Recovery phase, where we are working with homeowners to make the necessary repairs in their homes and working with community leaders to make critical repairs to schools. Thanks to the support from our partners at TUMI, we have completed our first ever domestic school rebuild at the Rhodes School for the Performing Arts.

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