Tougher Than A Narked Off Honey Badger Races

Renegade Record Breakers

August 4, 2018 Comments (0) Extreme Buzz, Video

Extreme Skydiving AKA utterly immense but insane

Either you are of the opinion that this man is…
A tad keen, extreme, crossed the line, left his brain at home, thinks he’s Super Ted but is more Drop, Dead Fred (one for the teenagers).
An adrenaline adonis, a death defying dude, dislikes his partner’s visiting in-laws, living life to the Mac Daddy of the Max.
Please don’t try this at home kids, with your parked up plane, chutes, cameras, etc but if you do an odd or slightly crazy activity then send us your videos. Keep it clean please, we’ll have none of that here, just (not really) local clips for local people. Clips, photos, stories, we’ll listen to them all and filter all the offensive ones (so put that away before it gets so cold it’s gone) and boring ones (sorry but W.I. is around).

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