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January 15, 2019 Comments (0) Feature Focus, Wondrous World

Hey, Big Spender

Have you got some cash stashed to use for just you. Your cash, your adventure? No? It’s okay I’m sure you can learn how to use the 4000 to 1 winning assured racing system I was promised if I handed over my life details to a man in Thailand or similar.

If you want an experience of a lifetime this summer that isn’t the norm, then this may well tickle your fancy.

I give you…

North Korea…


I swear…

North Korea Expedition

This expedition is a mix of trekking, sightseeing and more

In their words…

‘While in North Korea, your planned itinerary includes visits to the Grand Theatre, Kim II Sung Square, the Foreign Language Bookshop, Mansudae Fountain Park and Grand Monument, Pyongyang Metro, Arc of Triumph, Morabong and Juche Tower. There will be wide-reaching views over this impressive city. You’ll also visit the fascinating International Friendship Museum and the Pyohon Temple, in the Myohyang region.

You’ll spend three days trekking over several remote ridge lines and peaks through the Myohyang National Park in an attempt to reach the park’s highest peak, Piro Peak (1909m). You’ll aim to camp in this region, sleeping out in hammocks, an activity practically unheard of in North Korea. A two-day trekking phase is then planned over on the east coast in the Mount Kumgang region. A relaxing spa visit awaits when you most need it, too. During this trekking phases you’ll stay in hotels and will trek with a day sack, leaving your main bag at the hotel.

Goal achieved

Peaks climbed and cultural sights soaked up, your expedition pace now slows down, with your final day in country includes exploration of Panmunjom and the De-Militarised Zone (DMZ) that marks the North Korea – South Korea border. ‘

Not for the faint hearted in terms of your fitness but pitched at a moderate level.

Still unsure if ypou’re up to it or it’s up to you?

These are the minimum requirements…

  • Trek: up to 20km a day.
  • Daily activity: up to 8hrs daily on the trek phase.
  • Carry: up to a maximum of approx. 20kg (generally less).
  • Terrain: A variety of established trekking routes in National Parks, but with some trails are very steep, with exposed sections involving scrambling techniques.
  • Climate: hot but comfortable.
  • Swim: not required.
  • Age: 21+

This is merely one of a number of costly but life marking memory making expeditions that Secret Compass and other companies do. For more info please go to

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