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December 14, 2016 Comments (0) Bohemian Buzz, Personal Buzz

Mind Stimulation – Places to soothe the soul

For those who like the clarity of thought, the sanctuary of nature and a lovely trip out then Kirby Lonsdale is that place.
It’s a gem of village with some of the most stunning scenery, beautiful buildings and quaint shops in the area.
For me it has one of the most mind zapping and brilliant views in the world. A place for reflection or tranquility.

Here is their sell…

Kirkby Lonsdale is a famously picturesque Cumbrian town, renowned for its photogenic charm, but its most enchanting aspect is possibly the one glimpsed from the foot of Collier’s Lane in High Casterton. This elevated vantage point to the east of the River Lune offers a tantalising vista of the town as it must have appeared to travellers for centuries: an enchanting network of mellow stone edifices separated by narrow cobbled lanes and framed by a pastoral landscape of rare beauty.kirby2

Today, Kirkby Lonsdale retains much of its age-old appeal – with a 21st-century twist. The splendid historic buildings – many dating back hundreds of years – that line the Kirkby Lonsdale quaint streets and squares now accommodate an impressive range of independent shops, cafes, pubs, hotels and restaurants, together offering a unique experience that’s increasingly difficult to find on the modern high street.


Have you got a special place that helps clear the mind, relax the soul? Where do you go to reflect or recharge?

Let us know…


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