One Stop Pet Pimp Services

Bespoke Pet Services from Pet Sitting to daily walks and day care. All pets deserve the Pet Pimp

Pet sitting, day care, bespoke alks single or groups
Bespoke pet srvices no creature too small

Services We Provide…

Wags and Walks

From intensive exercise at Woof-Mudder to the gentler pace of the Pet Potter….

We’ve got dog walks to suit your hound.  Contact for additional requirements or questions.

Dog Walking

Walks suited to your canine companion that fit like a glove. From bounding Dalmatians to your senior Jack Russell or boot camp to potter, we’ve sessions to suit.

Individual Dog Walk

Perfect for your pooch who isn’t as happy sharing his time with fellow dog.

Ideal for all dogs but especially the more elderly ones, puppies and anti-social dogs.

Ideal for doggie parent too who wants all the sun to shine on their beloved gem.

£11/hr £8/30mins

Group Walk

Let’s get this pet party on. Dogs who like to mingle puppies that need the introduction and pooches that thrive off their fellow species.


Widdle and Waddle

If you require a day or night time visit for toilet breaks, fresh water or feeding then we offer the Pet Fly-By.

We’ll come to spruce up your pet’s water, nip out for a toilet stop, 15 minute walk and plenty of cuddles!

£6/pet with reduction for additional pets.

K9 Club

Do you need more than a walk for your wagger? If so we’ve got the swagger. Or more aptly we’ll care for your dog whilst you work with a walk, play time and cuddles ahoy.

½ day K9 Club £13 Full Day £20

Pet Patrol- Animal Sitting

If you’re jetting off for the weekend, a week or longer then the Mut Hut provides a service with minimal disruption to doggy’s daily routine or any pet you treasure. Specific needs met for different animals with the option of overnight supervision too as we move in on an evening for the duration of your holiday.

No kennels, no whimpers, no problem.

Prices start from as little as £5 for hamsters, etc

The Pet Retreat

Rather than me to you as Barry Chuckle said, you come to us. A loving, animal friendly home with the rolling hills on tap and attention all for your little soldier. We are currently animal-free ourselves so it really is all about your best friend.

Walks, play-time, cuddles and stimulation on tap for your pooch.

We love cats too! Don’t forget hamsters! Gerbils? Ferrets??? Whatever the animal, the Pet Retreat will be sweet.

Creature comforts

They call me the animal whisper, or did until my voice came back. Bad gags aside, your pet is an extension of your family and therefore you want the assurance they are in safe hands with all the creature comforts they deserve. You’ve got it.

An animal loving, fit, vegetarian, the first word I ever said was meow. Cat, dog, aardvark, I love them all and have been brought up surrounded by pets in the rolling hills of Haworth.

Don’t take my word for it…set up a meet n greet appointment now to prove it. No cost just a getting to know each other and your beloved pet.


PLUS…Are you a clingy pet mum? Ease any doubts with DOG CAM.

Walks are tailored on individual needs. Your dog matters.

Or maybe you want a holiday for your pet und the clock attention.

Pet visits are available for pop in care.


30 minutes : £8

+ £5 for every additional dog.


Pet visits

Bingley Waggs

Dog walking

£9 per hour for group walks. 
Sole dog walks/one on one – £15 for one hour £12 for 30 minutes

Bingley Waggs offer a safe, reliable dog walking service for owners who may be out at work all day or someone elderly that wants the companionship of a dog but finds walking difficult. We offer a flexible daily or occasional service to suit your needs. We will always try to walk your dog in nearby parks or woodland depending on where you live. We will vary the walks to keep your dog stimulated. Walks can be tailored to your dogs individual needs.

Dogs can be walked on or off lead depending on your preference and the dog’s ability to demonstrate a solid recall.

We walk your dog in very carefully chosen groups of up to five dogs for socialisation, fun and play.

When your dog is dropped off we will give fresh water or food/treats depending on your instructions and ensure the dogs are settled and happy before we leave.

Doggy daycare

£15 per day Monday – Friday
£20 for Weekends & bank holidays

Ideal for those not wanting to leave their dog at home while working or days out. They will be provided with two walks a day and if required food is also included in the price.

Small pet sitting & holiday cover

£9.00 per visit. (Additional charges may apply bank holidays and weekends)

Need your small furry friend feeding while your on holiday? Bingley Waggs will come to your home, feed, water, clean litter trays and provide cuddles for your Cat, rabbit, gerbil and any other small furry in your home while your away. Therefore giving you peace of mind that they are well cared for while you are away!

All pet sitting services include moving of mail, watering plants, blinds and curtains opened and closed and lights on and off. All at no extra cost!

So don’t just think we do big fur babies, small fur babies catered for too!

Pet Taxi Services

Need to go to the vet but no transport or means to get there?

I am able to come and pick you up, wait and return you home safe and sound with your pet.

1 hour Group Dog walk – Walking, playing, drying and change of water.

£9 per walk.

Short Group Dog walk – Walking, playing, drying and change of water.

£6 per walk.

+ £5 per walk.

+ £3 per walk.

Melissa Founder & Owner, Freelance Broadcaster and Writer

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