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Poles Apart From Your Average Mum…

A mother of four may be forgiven for missing spin class once a month. She may be expected to be washing dirty smears and packing lunches half of her day. That would not be acceptable to Wendy Searle.

We bring you the intrepid explorer who has records to break and the South Pole to conquer. She’s Super Mom…


Summit to South Pole 2020

Wendy Searle is attempting to climb Mount Vinson – the highest peak in Antarctica – and then ski more than 700 miles to the South Pole. Leaving in November 2019, Wendy will be the first British woman to complete this route. Facing temperatures down to -50, crevasse fields and the gruelling physical challenge of man-hauling all their food and equipment, the risks are great. The task must be completed before the Antarctic winter returns.

A mother to four children, Wendy began a new chapter in her life after the death of her father. Determined to live his mantra of ‘never waste a second’, she signed up to do a tandem skydive, which became a passion. Overcoming a fear of heights and terror of jumping to become a licensed skydiver led her to believe that conquering fear in turn leads to courage, and she signed up to the biggest adventure out there: Antarctica.

The driest, coldest and most inhospitable place on earth, Antarctica is a place which inspires passion, and obsession. Wendy is setting out to show the extraordinary can be achieved by anyone, and that ‘everyone has one big adventure in them’ – whether that’s learning a new skill, running a marathon or reaching the South Pole –  challenging themselves to do something they thought was impossible. 

Raising money and awareness for:

Horatio’s Garden

Horatio’s Garden is a charity that creates and cares for beautiful, accessible gardens at NHS spinal injury centres. The charity is named in memory of Horatio Chapple who came up with the original idea for a garden. Sadly, Horatio was killed at the age of 17 while on an expedition to Svalbard in 2011.

‘We should all support our local community, and I live in Salisbury, where this charity is based. They do incredible work and it’s wonderful to see something so positive coming out of a tragedy.’


An Australian charity which educates girls across Africa. ‘I’m extraordinarily lucky to have had an education, choices in my life and people who believe in me; as a mother, as a woman, as a human being. Not everyone is so fortunate.’

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

The National Charity of the British Army

‘I’ve worked for the Charity for many years and wholeheartedly believe we should support our veterans who – through no fault of their own – can face issues as a result of their Service.’



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