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December 15, 2016 Comments (0) Fit Bit Buzz, Personal Buzz

Pro Athlete Training Plans

tabaPro Training for pro, no pro and everyone in between…

We’re always after that killer workout, that extra squeeze, that perfect core and tongue dropping good legs. Well I know a man who can.

If you want to perfect your core and leg strength it’s hard to argue against a top cycle guru and fitness expert. Pav Byran and his team fall into that category. Quite simply they are

a collection of some of the finest cycling coaches around led by the British Cycling level 3, multi award winning Pav Bryan. Follow him 

This issue we’ll look at two weeks to build up that core and leg strength. No cheating.


Tabata = 8 rounds of 20 seconds maximum effort work, 10 seconds complete rest In between each set of items rest 30-60 seconds as needed. As you progress in strength and fitness try and reduce the rest time to just 30 seconds. Check out the Pav Bryan YouTube channel for demo videos (don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anymore!)

Week 1 Day 1 a) Bulgarian Split Squat- 3 sets x20 reps each leg

  1. b) In and Outs – 3 sets x15 reps
  2. c) Knee get ups – 5 sets x8 reps Hold onto something at the side to help to begin with
  3. d) Tabata Plank hold Day

2 a) Pistols – 4 sets x10 reps (alternating legs) Hold on to something if need be to begin with to help with balance.

  1. b) L-sit – 4x max effort for time, use two chairs, just be careful on a slippy floor
  2. c) 3 rounds: Air Squat x 20 reps Sit up x 15 reps, add kettlebell or dumbbell to chest if you want to progress quicker Jumping Lunges x 12 reps Russian twist x 20 reps can use dumbbell or kettlebell if you have one to progress in intensity Burpee x 10 Reps Rest 2 minutes between rounds


Week 2

Day 1 a) Lateral Lunges – 3 sets x20 reps

  1. b) Tabata Mountain Climbers, choose variation, can mix it up
  2. c) Lying Wipers – 3 sets x14 reps, slow and steady
  3. d) Tabata Frozen V-Sit, choose your intensity and progress as you can
  4. e) Single leg hip thrusters – 3 sets 10 reps each leg

Day 2 a) Single leg stiff leg deadlift – 3 sets x20 reps alternating legs with each rep, hold kettlebell or dumbbell to progress quicker

  1. b) Leg Raises – 4 sets x12reps – try to go slow
  2. c) 4 rounds for time: Burpee x 12 Sit up x12, hold kettlebell or dumbbell to progress quicker Air Squat x 15 Russian Twist x 20, hold kettlebell or dumbbell to progress quicker .


We’ll bring you more next issue but follow Pav on Twitter for his insight and regimes. @pavbryan , www.pavbryan.com

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