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June 7, 2017 Comments (0) 24-Karat Yorkshire, Feature Focus

Rave About This Cave

Gaping Gill

In the rolling hills and resplendent landscapes of the North York Moors lies one of the UK’s most stunning natural landmarks, Gaping Gill.

Indeed, it can easily claim the numero uno of caves in the Yorkshire Dales, and there are plenty of others of the highest calibre.

It sits on the southern side of Ingleborough and is usually reached by walking up the Ingleborough slopes.

The main chamber measures 129m long, 31m high, and 25m wide with the Fell Beck Stream pouring into it. The beck itself cascades down the 100m drop to the cavern floor and then onto Ingleborough Cave.

It was actually a Frenchman Edouard Martel, who made the first successful descent to the bottom armed only with a rope ladder, a candle and a patched telephone to the surface. 

Despite no longer being the deepest known shaft in Britain it still retains the records for the highest unbroken waterfall in England.

Potholing clubs with qualified personnel only are allowed to fully roam it’s every crack and cranny but if potholing isn’t for you then there is another opportunity to experience this Yorkshire wonder.


Twice a year the Bradford and Craven pothole clubs set up a wince over the main shaft for the public to get lowered down.

Those with a fear of enclosed spaces or heights need not apply but everyone else and their dog should experience the jaw dropping gem of nature at least once in their life. 

It’s Yorkshire Jim and not as you know it.

A sensational example of the diverse and striking landscapes, features and elements Yorkshire has to offer.

Contact the clubs to find out more about the winch and potholing.

www.bpc-cave.org.uk or www.cravenpotholeclub.org.

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