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November 8, 2016 Comments (1) Wondrous World

The Great Escape

The popularity of escape games as an exciting and different day or night visit is now reaching epic levels. We should have twigged when Mr baldie man brought us The Crystal Maze. Alas you nor I twigged in time but some bright sparks did.

We have numerous mind bending adventure game centres across Yorkshire now (see what’s on listings) but one that got people talking first in Yorkshire was Tick Tock…


Tick Tock

Fancy something a bit different for the mind and soul? Fancy showing you are so smart your pants are on fire? Tick Tock may be the place for you.

Our Chief Reporter, Pete Farries, experienced it first hand…


So, let’s make this clear from the bat.

I don’t like organized fun.

Sign me up for a lovely meander through Europe’s streets, I’m all in for a few drinks that turns into a night full of joy and a morning full of regret, but shove New Years Eve toward me and I come out in a sweat. Tell me I have to have a tour guide for the Vatican and I’ll wander off midway through only to be yelled at in broken English by an Italian Tour guide who thought I’d been kidnapped.

So the idea of hitting ‘Tick Tock Unlock’ on Leeds’ Wellington Street was not a thrilling prospect. Dragged along by my girlfriend, my oldest (in terms of knowing each other not age. This isn’t a care scheme) friend and his fiancé I wasn’t chuffed.

I was wrong.

The idea is simple. There’s a story given to you, you’re ‘locked’ (you can leave for the loo etc) in a room, and you have to solve the puzzles to get out. You have an hour.

We were taken first into a kind of green room that resembled the meeting room from The Office, and all the participating groups were plonked down together and given instructions as to how to use the variety of padlocks (more fun than it sounds). The lady who talked us through was self deprecating and understanding of how absurd the premise of our room ‘BluePrint’ was.

Then in we went. I won’t spoil what was in the puzzle or the puzzle because, frankly, that’d be uncool, but I loved it. All the pretense of the story etc fell away and within seconds my cold sweat of ‘forced fun’ became a warm sweat (nicer) of pressure. Two rooms of creative puzzle solving (my girlfriend and I didn’t speak for 6 hours after. My friend’s relationship remained in tact), an hour to get out. Throughout, you are watched by your ‘Games Master’, who will give you an occasional tip if you are floundering, and that keeps you going when you hit an inevitable rut. The chat, the teamwork, the surprising adrenaline boost, all absolutely thrilling.

I will say, I did manage to do something fairly stupid during this. Without giving too much away, at one point you get a door handle, and I actually managed to properly lock us into a faux locked room event. We had to be rescued by The Games Master. Some would say this was embarrassing, I would simply say I was adding to the experience (it was embarrassing).

We escaped with just a minute to spare. I felt like a less sexist James Bond. 343952-tick-tock-unlock

This is a really enjoyable, tense experience, and the team working aspect was absolutely great. Superb staff helped too. It was pitched, I felt, perfectly.

We’ll go to do another game another time no question.

Anyway, onto the next bit of forced fun. Apparently I’m going to Go Ape for a 30th birthday. My girlfriend is terrified of heights.

We may fall out again.


There are a variety of ‘rooms’ varying from our ‘BluePrint’ one to ‘Alice in Wonderland’.


Tick Tock Unlock – Prices vary but games are for up to 7 people. Our group of four paid £60 for our game.

This is their sell…
Tick Tock Unlock is one of Leeds Premiere escape game. With venues in Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow, we are expanding throughout the UK. Consistently 5 star rated on social media review sites by the general public and well renown in the escape game business we have a glorious offer of 3 escaped rooms in Leeds, with pop up events in various locations like the amazing ‘Cocktails in the City’. For those of you unaware as to what escape games are, we basically lock you in a room for an hour ( but don’t worry the initial door isn’t actually locked!). You have to solve numerous puzzles to escape. It really is lots of fun for people of all ages, we have a wide variety of customers from stag/ hen parties, families, corporate bookings and groups of friends. If you  haven’t had the pleasure of trying it, you should! You won’t be disappointed!

For more details and booking information check out… www.ticktockunlock.com

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