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UK Dodgeball…Rise or Fall?

Tight pants, a strong moustache and glorified bullying. That’s the kind of portrayal Ben Stiller and co hammed up for comedy effect in 2009 for the big screen. A massive box office hit but a traditionally American sport. Is that still the case as we approach 2019?

We have a look to see if and how the court game crossed the Atlantic in the UK.

However, let’s start with the basics. How the badger do you play this game of avoid the round object?

  • Each team should start the game with 8 players; a minimum of 2 need to be women. A minimum of 1 woman are needed to avoid forfeit.
  • Teams that don’t have the minimum amount of women will have to play short minus the amount of missing women.
  • Teams can have more than 8 players on a team. The team can start with a maximum of 8 people (1 woman minimum) on the court and the rest can start in the jail. At no point in the game may a team have more than 8 people on the court.
  • The Maximum male players on the court at one time is six
  • A match consists of a 9 games. Each game counts separately in the standings and is independent of the other games.
  • Each team shall designate a player as the field captain. This person is the only player who can communicate with the referee.
  • During the regular season it is ok for team captains  to ask players from other teams to “Sub or Fill In” open slots on game day, to avoid forfeit. In the playoffs, a player can only participate and play for one team.  If a player is found playing on two or more teams in the playoffs all games are subject to forfeit.


Eliminate all opposing players by getting them “out.” A player is declared out if:

  • You hit an opponent with a thrown ball, before it hits the ground and BELOW THE SHOULDERS
  • You catch an opponent’s thrown ball BEFORE it makes contact with the ground or walls
  • You cross over any boundary lines

Ways To Win:

  • Eliminate your entire opposing team before time is up.
  • Have more active (on court) players when time is up, than your opponent.

So that’s the basic rules sorted…wang a ball, hit someone, they are out in red top terms!

It’s huge in American schools up to college and beyond but what has the sport got going on in the UK?

British Dodgeball say…

We are very excited at British Dodgeball to be introducing and hosting many more opportunities for International Dodgeball next season. We have enjoyed the spectacle of hosting the Northern European Championships in May and can’t wait to do more. 

Our intention is to create a high performance player pathway that is the envy of all other competing Dodgeball nations across the world. That is why we will be introducing a Home Nations League that will see competitive opportunities for new and experienced international players.
Beyond this as the sport grows within our home nations, an under 23’s, an under 19’s and under 16’s home nations league will develop. This pathway from junior to adult and opportunities for development players to represent their home nation will create a conveyor belt of talent that keeps British Dodgeball at the top of the sport. British Dodgeball will be hosting 4 matches between the Home Nations next season. Each nation will play one home and one away match. The nations that do not compete against each other in the 2018/19 season will compete in the following season. Nations will be putting together an A and a B team in each of the 3 categories; men’s, women’s and mixed to compete on the day.

That’s it on a national level but what about Average Joe in Grimsby?

The core of our affiliated club membership exists within our elite level leagues and championships. The strength of our national leagues are the bedrock to the sustainability of the sport. 110 teams from 49 clubs compete in 14 leagues in England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Elite level competition is also represented at our championship events. The University Championships take place prior to the Christmas break whilst the National Championships of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales complete the season and also act as qualifiers for the prestigious UK Championships – the UKDBA’s most high status event since 2007.

In other (my) words, there are clubs across the country although it’s a tad light in the North East and Yorkshire. That said you still don’t have to travcel too far to get to an official one and there are some companies that offer it as a team building corporate day.

It’s out there and is immense fun. So much so, I’m surprised the film didn’t kick start a bigger UK interest but finally it’s growing on these fair shores. It’ growing and getting the representation it deserves on a global platform.

Watch it, play it, work play day it. Dodgeball is one bullet not to dodge.

If interested in Dodgeball in Yorkshire for team building half days with/without variety of food menus and drinks then email 


  • https://ukdba.org
  • http://britishdodgeball.org
  • https://ukdba.org/club-finder/

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