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October 26, 2016 Comments (0) Features, The Buzz Elite

Welcome to the OneStopBuzzShop World

Never regret the things you’ve done in life, regret the things you haven’t. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, make every minute count.beautiful-sky

The boundaries are there to be pushed. We control our legacy, don’t let it be a dull one. 

If you like making jam and knitting tea pot hats then you should step away from the internet. Run my beauties, run to the warmth of the W.I and Conservative Clubs or else take our hand. Take our hand and reach for the sky, seas, mountains, mind or gin bottles. Be good, be bad or be ugly. Just don’t be predictive, safe or moderate.

This is the community, magazine and lifestyle website for life junkies who like to challenge their soul, mind and body. Welcome to our world….OneStopBuzzShop.…The website for life junkies.

With reviews, features, previews, interviews and a community you can get involved in, this really is your One Stop for a Buzz Shop.

Meet The Team


Melissa WhartonFounder, editor, writer, broadcaster and aiming for world domination. 
Adrenaline Rush, LeedsA 30 something fitness and adrenaline addict who happens to like the sound and sight of her own words. With over 17 years in media, from regional newspapers, magazines, online to many various radio and broadcasting roles across Yorkshire and the world. A social media guru/hussy and now combining all her skills (both of them) with her free time passions (excluding those videos).

@onestopbuzzshop @betmadmel on Twitter Facebook Mel Wharton

035‘Our world is amazing, we are amazing, let us be amazing together. Hug and tree and shake it out. I can’t get enough of that thing we call a buzz, self confessed adrenaline/endorphin addict.’ Mel Wharton – Profound Man, like really.

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Pete FarriesSenior reporter for Onestopbuzzshop, TV presenter, sports broadcaster, football journalist and sports expert
Pete is a man of many talents, some are not suitable before the watershed. He is the face of football for William Hill TV, sports broadcaster and reporter, presenter, sports pundit and journalist. He even has strong hair and good shirt selection. Pete brings an impressive CV to Onestop for a man not yet even in his prime.

Follow him on twitter @Pete_Farries


Mike LongWebsite guru and hosting company owner, radio God (he made me say it)
Mike is the silent helper. He’s the one that tells me to turn it on and off again.
Catch him on Zetland FM or contact us for info on his hosting packages and web design.

James ButtlerSenior Reporter, social media expert, website owner, broadcaster, sports pundit and cricket expert
cricketbadgerlogouHe loves cricket and badgers, hence his website He brings years of experience to the party including ‘working’ in the Caribbean for Yorkshire cricket. Journalist, radio pundit, social media master and terrible joke teller.

Follow him on twitter @cricket_badger


If you want to write for us then please send covering letter and CV to At present any roles will be unpaid but this will change when we take over the world and actually can afford to eat.

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