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June 8, 2017 Comments (1) Feature Focus, Fit Bit Buzz, Video

What’s all the Racket(ball) about?

When you mention the sport Racketball to some people, a blank look or badly drawn assumptions are often served back into your court. Typically, those not down with the sport of champions react in three generic ways…

Person A: Racketball? Is that the John McEnroe autobiography?

Person B: Racketball? Isn’t that just the American jazzed up version of squash with RaRa skirts and very short shorts?

Person C: Ohhhhh, Racketball! That’s squash for less fit cake eaters isn’t it?

All of the above could not be further from the truth and will result in minor harm if garbled towards me.

The Onestopbuzzshop team are here to put those clichés and blank expressions into a box, nail it firmly shut and celebrate a sport that is growing faster than my overdraft in a Champagne bar.

This edition we focus on…Racketball

Racketball has taken hold of the UK in such a way that it’s become the fastest growing sport for us citizens. The reasons for the soaring popularity are vast and varied but we can firstly thank the emergence of squash all those years ago for one big factor. That factor is the amount of courts available across the UK.

Racketball is played on squash courts and is now taking off where the sport of squash stuttered. The glory days of squash were predominantly from the 60s to the mid-90s but with 24 hour gyms, more ‘trendy’ and fashionable activities and sports flooding the media and our everyday lifes and a TV back tracking on coverage of the sport, it began to halt it’s growing army of participants and even began to fall in places.




Not to be mistaken by the American variation of Racquetball, Racketball with a k is the UK game that is smashing through the region’s courts


To simplify the sport:

1 It’s easy for beginners to start playing although harder to master.

2 The rackets are very short which helps the eye, ball, hand coordination.

3 The ball used is bigger and more bouncy than a squash ball which is good to go from the off and makes for longer and slower paced rallies.

4  As an efficient work-out Racketball is up there with the best as a fantastic calorie burner and all-round body work-out.  Indeed, the fitness appeal of the game has brought pro sports players to the game as an additional fitness regime to aid their sport of choice.

In essence, it’s fabulous fun and fabulous for the waistline, along with any southward heading bottom cheeks.  

The ball is bouncing and it’s gathering momentum. Racketball is growing in stature and is here to stay. The question is, when are you digging out your crotch hugging shorts and joining the revolution (minus the groin grabbing Speedo style clothing)?

For more information and to book coaching or onto a competition go to www.racketsacademy.com

Essential contacts: www.uk-racketball.com/, www.englandsquash.com , www.racketsacademy.com

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