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June 19, 2018 Comments (0) Discovery Buzz, Feature Focus, Need To Know

What’s the deal with Blobbing?


FunAir yacht blob being used on the ocean

What is blobbing?!

Blobbing is an outdoor water activity, where a participant sits on the end of a partially inflated platform (this is what’s known as the ‘blob’) and is launched up into the air to land in the sea, when another participant jumps onto the other end of the platform from the opposite side.


It’s an incredibly simple idea and relatively low-cost when compared to more complex inflatable toys, considering the fun that can be had with it.

A brief history of blobbing

Blobbing began with gas- and oil-filled rubber bags, which were used to transport fuel to overseas operations by seamen. Adventurous—and perhaps, bored—sailors jumped off the carriers onto the ‘blobs’ and discovered the ‘blob effect’.

Since then, popularity of the concept has grown, with manufacturers jumping in to produce professional, industry-grade ‘blobs’ designed purely for the purpose of flinging someone into the air when another person jumps on the opposite end.

Now it’s coming to a town near you, well may do in time. It’s American roots are expanding…

Is there a competitive aspect to blobbing?

Absolutely! In fact, Blob Europe (the general agent of the original brand of Blobs in Europe) is pushing the competitive side of blobbing, with the official blobbing championship held in Austria since 2011, and Germany since 2013.

There are even rule sets for professional competition, which all official tournaments are run with.

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