Three of the best: Gin and Grins

November 8, 2016 Comments (0) Personal Buzz

Which Buzz Believer are you?

We’ve perfected labelled our perfect OneStop into five sections for easy access to YOUR Buzz.

You may be more than one, you may be them all but your inner core will always lean towards one. Not sure which? Take our quiz….


Your perfect day off would be…

1 Wrestling bears whilst juggling grenades

2 Hugging trees and tickling rainbows

3 Try swinging for the first time

4 Climbing mountains, cycling to the lagoon of lesser beings then swimming to France

5 Cocktails, zorbing, learn how to be a DJ


Your Perfect night?

1 SAS style ninja operation to enter the Town Hall and base jump off

2 Ghost hunt followed by extreme yoga

3 Learn how to fire walk

4 All night rough terrain weighted hike

5 New arse tattoo followed by wine tasting


Which word(s) describes you best?mindmale

1 Fearless

2 Word warrior

3 Never say never

4 Machine

5 Rave


Which word(S) would your friends say suits you best?

1 Guerrilla whichbuzzmen

2 Spiritual thinker

3 Pilgrim pathfinder

4 Mentalist machine

5 Vibrant


But how would your rivals describe you?

1 Deranged

2 yoghurt knitting wimp

3 Hipster sheep

4 Steroid monster

5 Piss artist gobshite

Baby elephant

Baby elephant

Your Epitaph would read…

1 Defeated a pride of lions in mating season with one hand, discovered a new snake venom stimulant  whilst extreme caving and survived a bungee jump with no actual bungee. Harder than Teflon on acid.

2 Found myself and inner peace in a nomad llama village, discovered and copy wrote the meaning of life and believed in free love until crotch rot set in.

3 Life sponge and doer, walk the walk don’t talk. Try everything once except snuff movies. Touched Horizons.

4 Dedicated to the fitness cause with nothing too far. Kept pushing the limits, endurance and spirit. It’s not about taking part, it’s winning. The only valid excuse for failure is death…oh balls.

5 Laughed, loved, talked, sang, danced, drank and smiled through life. Except after that unfortunate incident with the red pants and randy bull. Life and soul of the party, the party is now over.


If you answered mainly…


  • 1 Extreme Buzz
  • 2 Bohemian Buzz
  • 3 Discovery Buzz
  • 4 Fit bit Buzz
  • 5 Blow Out Buzz

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