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Mission Complete From A Buzz Elite

September 27, 2018 Comments (0) Features, Lifestyle Liberators



Take one pogo stick, throw in some ultra modern alterations and then think pogoing on acid. That’s my concise summary of XPogo or Extreme Pogo.

Anyone can have a go and sticks can be picked up relatively easily off the good old interweb. If yu ever struggled with it before though, maybe XPogo is best put on a watching brief. Especially if you consider these super doper hardcore sticks can pogo over three metres. That’s pretty God darn high.

The elite can travel the world competing although the traditions are deeply set in the USA with the XPogo Elite Stunt Team. The general demographic of the stunt teams are males under the age of 25 and it’s another extension to the skater set on a mass scale.

Check out the bad self extreme stunt nuts for yourself…


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