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June 6, 2017 Comments (0) Discovery Buzz, Wondrous World

Yikes Hikes

For many of us who are looking to push the limits, we choose to go faster, go to the skies, go to the water but there is endurance, danger, elation and more from staying on two feet and walking.

When we say walking, we mean HELL YEAH WALKING. We mean trekking. We mean hours, even days battling the elements and wildlife. Forget your stick, pub lunch and gentle meander, for the next few editions Onestopbuzzshop brings to your attention some of the most death defying, mentality draining and physically sapping treks and adventures this planet has to offer.

Mount Hua Shan, China

Often a magnet for Pilgrims seeking the temples on the five spires of Mount Hua Shan and it has been since the dawn of time. This is not for the light-hearted though as virtually every climb offer the most treacherous of paths. We’re talking vertical stairways, very few handholds, we’re talking don’t look down!

The route that usurps them all is the plank trail to the South. It has been crowned the most dangerous hike in the world due to the wooden platforms bolted to the mountain offering the only path. Yes, big crates hammered to rock that carry your life in new pants please hands. Those with a fear of heights might want to stop reading now.

The way you get across, up, over or just survive is by hooking into an iron chain paralleling the boards on the side of the mountain. This happens to hover 1000s of feet above the ground. Yes all those zeros are correct, 1000s of feet. Just getting to the start is a feat in itself thanks to a vertical staircase. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. The planks appear….

These precarious planks are your only barrier between falling and not. When I say precarious I mean like Mr Precarious, Dr Precarious, the Daddy Precarious.

The official death figures are unknown, what’s a death or two the wrong side amongst friends? However, the gossip goes towards 100 people per year to meet their end on this immense mountain. Take a 100 and multiply by a fair few centuries and we are looking at the deadliest peak in the world. Where do we sign?

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